Last year Chrys Wu@MacDiva compiled a list of R&D & Labs Blogs for news and media organisations from around the word and shared them in an etherpad.

Inspired by that, here is a list of notable news based R&D/Labs teams.

At the very least you may be able to hit them up for some cool sticker bling.

I’ve included only on established news labs, those explicitly focused on journalism and technology, at the expense of omitting of teams like MIT Media Lab, the Buzzfeed Open Lab, BBC R&D and others with a wider, but pertinent, focus. I’d like to follow up with a round up of them in future.

R&D/Labs Teams

BBC News Labs (London, UK)

DPA Newslab (Germany)

FT Lab (London, UK)

Google News Lab (San Francisco, CA, USA)

Knight Lab (Northwestern University, IL, USA)

The Local News Lab (NJ, USA)

New York Times R&D Labs (New York, NY, USA)

Nieman Jouralism Lab (Harvard University, MA, USA)

Reese News Lab (University of North Carolina, NC, USA)

ThomsonReuters R&D (Global)

Prae mea culpa

Rest assured that I am mortified in advance at the realiseation that I’ve undoutbably and unforgivably omitted some teams I should obviously have included. Probably including one you work in.

Your assistance in addressing this outrage by letting me know about other news labs and R&D teams and pointing out what a dolt I am is both appreciated and anticipated (in fact, I’m counting on it).

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