I am not familiar with either of those fonts, but I can tell you which is more legible — and looking at them it just briefly, there are textbook reasons why too.

Whether one agrees with them or not they are certainly well understood.

Please note that Segoe is only a system font on Microsoft Windows and it’s not a meaningfully ‘web safe’ font either, so it wouldn’t be used to natively render text on my system unless it was delivered as a web font.

Yes, I am reading and typing this, like I read most things on my laptop, with the screen zoomed in with accessibility controls, which are always on for me.

I don’t use page zooming, I use full screen zooming with edge dragging, so that I can see and interact with images, inputs and other applications too.

I can only imagine if your eyesight was a poor as mine, perhaps you’d appreciate the difference in legibility between the two as much as I do.

I urge caution against the hubris of disregarding acessibility as reported by others as them ‘being unreasonable’.

When people complain that text is hard to read, a control is to small or difficult to interact with, or that contrast is poor they are almost never doing so because they are ‘being unreasonable’.

Software for news and media and civic tech. Cat herder. Director at Glitch Digital.

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