In my recent writeup of 2015 I announced I was leaving BBC News Labs to start something new in 2016.

That thing is and the focus is news and media.

Data journalism, tools for journalists, open source software and open data.

At you’ll find experiments in data driven journalism, digital storytelling and interactive journalism.

It won’t be a traditional news site, but it will include innovative news coverage, resources for journalists and content for both hacks and hackers.

All of the coverage and experiments will be open source and on GitHub.

The focus of will be on tools for the media.

Media in this context includes the entire spectrum of content production; from broadcast television to online video and live streams, radio shows and podcasts as well as digital asset management (videos, audio clips, images, scripts, running orders, archiving and more).

There will be tools for journalists, editors and documentary makers as well as script writers, archivists and those working with media in a context other than strictly news.

You’ll also be able to find these tools on GitHub.

By the end of January the site will be live, with updates through March with more information about some of the projects that will be coming up.

If you have an idea for a story, format, tool or resource you’d like help with turning into reality or are interested in collaborating in some other way email or get in touch via twitter @glitchdigital.

Software for news and media and civic tech. Cat herder. Director at Glitch Digital.

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