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  • Frank Hopkins

    Frank Hopkins

    Experimentation Data Scientist, specialising in digital experimentation. Posts ranging from data science to website optimisation and digi-analytics.

  • Lewis James | Data Science

    Lewis James | Data Science

    Interested in all things data, technology and new ideas https://www.linkedin.com/in/lewisjames1/ https://github.com/lewisExternal

  • Mike Cavaliere

    Mike Cavaliere

    💻 Software engineer 🧠 Brain Hacker 📘 Author of https://cutintothejamstack.com / https://mikecavaliere.com / https://adhdtechies.com / https://echobind.com

  • Koji Mochizuki

    Koji Mochizuki

    Creator of Skulls In Love | Web developer | Web3 dApps enthusiast | Twitter & GitHub: @kjmczk

  • Vini


    Learning to code, to think, to fast, and to wait — writing thoughts https://vicnicius.com

  • Ezra Eeman

    Ezra Eeman

    EBU Head of Digital, Transformation, and Platforms.

  • Zack Jackson

    Zack Jackson

    Principal Engineer of Web @ Lululemon. Specializing in Webpack and Javascript Orchestration at scale. Creator of Module Federation

  • Emma Zhou

    Emma Zhou

    Software @Neuralink

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