Is there bias in BBC Question Time panel selection?

How and why to use custom error types in JavaScript

Image © Quinn Dombrowski

Throwing errors in JavaScript

JavaScript supports try/catch/finally but the Error object it uses works differently from Exceptions in other languages and it doesn’t provide a way to catch Errors by type in the same way you can with Exceptions in Java or C# so it’s quite common for all Errors thrown in a project to be instances of Error.

Working around Cross Origin restrictions during development

Browser Settings

The only way to turn off Cross Origin Restrictions in Chrome is to turn off the feature completely when starting the browser by passing arguments to it.

alias chrome=”/Applications/Google\\ Chrome --disable-web-security --user-data-dir=~/.chrome-disable-web-security”

From GitHub to Docker Hub to Docker Swarm

Authentication for Next.js

Update June 2020

The next generation version NextAuth.js was released in June 2020!

Original Article

This week I released NextAuth, a module specifically designed for Next.js and React, that supports email sign in and oAuth.

A web based tool for video and audio transcription, translation, captioning and video creation.

Servers by pierrotcarre

A guide to using Docker for the first time.

The approach Facebook and Google are taking to False News, how they differ, how it could be improved and how publishers can help

Facebook’s VP of News Feed Adam Mosseri sharing insights about the News Feed with Jeff Jarvis at the International Journalism Festival in the Sala Dei Notari, Perugia, Italy


False News a term Facebook have adopted that’s intended to a better job than the more familiar term “Fake News” of distinguishing between articles that contain unintentional mistakes or minor factual inaccuracies, “misleading content” and “false content”.

What Facebook are doing

The system Facebook described at a panel on Thursday morning involves highlighting articles that have multiple reports from Facebook users to a team within Facebook, who will attempt to judge if the site…

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