Is there bias in BBC Question Time panel selection?

Update: This analysis was referenced in The Economist.

The BBC has been fighting back against accusations of bias in the selection of political guests. Such accusations are not new, but do they have merit?

In an attempt to defend the impartiality of the show the BBC Press Team recently published a graphic reflecting the political alignment of panellists.

Unfortunately the graphic is a bit scarce on the specifics of what the sources and the beeb have declined to elaborate on it or provide the underlying data.

Without the underlying data, it’s hard to know exactly what the graphic actually represents. …

How and why to use custom error types in JavaScript

Handling errors well can be tricky. How Error() historically worked in JavaScript hasn’t made this easier, but using the Error class introduced in ES6 can be helpful

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Image © Quinn Dombrowski

Throwing errors in JavaScript

JavaScript supports try/catch/finally but the Error object it uses works differently from Exceptions in other languages and it doesn’t provide a way to catch Errors by type in the same way you can with Exceptions in Java or C# so it’s quite common for all Errors thrown in a project to be instances of Error.

Some vendors have implemented a conditional catch clause but it’s not a standard and not widely supported in browsers. …


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